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The Idea So MizFit had a post recently about creating a Mission Statement for your fitness goals. …what’s that, you say? That post wasn’t exactly “recent”? Hun, if I remember it, it was recent. That’s the rule. My memory’s bad enough that it’s mostly accurate, with the marked exception of being able to tell what […]

Best thing since sliced bread. Those of you whose eyes just glazed over and went “yeah, yeah, I know…” – keep reading. This isn’t just about being socially conscious and green and stuff. Granted, that’s a big part of it. The number of grocery bags that I (used to) throw away on a regular basis […]

So MizFit had a great post today about how we should all stop for a moment and take the time to make someone else’s day brighter in a way that we wouldn’t normally do. I’ve decided to post my idea here, because I don’t know if she’s planning on doing a follow-up post, and I’m […]

So yesterday afternoon, I took my first shot at Yoga For Dummies. Things I learned : 1) I am far more flexible and have better posture than Mr. Ninja, to his great consternation. 2) You should always watch any workout dvd all the way through before attempting it. Not only can you not see the […]

Waking Up


Dear Internet, I’ve been thinking. A dangerous practice, I know. It leads to random posts like this one, with no real purpose, that ramble all over topics. That’s okay. My mind doesn’t always work in neat little boxes. I’m allowed to go off on tangents. But anyway, I’ve been thinking. Dieting is a never-ending series […]